The Belgian Agency of Integration and Civic Orientation

The Belgian Agency of Integration and Civic Orientation (AgII) focuses on community life and language, integration and orientation towards Dutch language classes. It is committed to a society where everyone, regardless of origin or context, can have equal opportunities. AgII also comprises the Public Service Interpreting training and certification body for Flanders and Brussels and provides interpreters for public, social and medical services.


ISM CORUM is a French association with 45 years of experience in the field of Public Service Interpreting & Translation, the promotion of equal access to fundamental rights & services, and the prevention of discrimination. ISM CORUM has proven collaboration with health, social, educational and administrative services, state and local authorities, associations and companies.​


The European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation (ENPSIT) gathers providers of public service interpreting and translation services, training institutions, public service interpreters and translators, teachers, assessors, researchers and their organisations and institutions from across Europe.